The Silence Of Our Love


By Maan “Maggie” Villar, The World According to Maggie V

The silence of our love is like the first rays of sun that illuminate the earth and dries the dew that sits on leaves right after the earth wept itself to sleep in the darkness. It is the silence of a soft slumber and the secret of cathedral walls. Our love is the kind that goes unnoticed in a crowd of equally forgettable faces. However lethargic or gray that may sound, it is as complex and as robust as the lives owned by those forgettable faces. Unnoticed and mysterious as it is, they might never divulge the secret of us – like a sunken treasure in the deepest pockets of the ocean. The innocent and unintended silence lends to its beauty – that we may go on in the chaos and hurly-burly of this world and still smile – just us two knowing that we have each other. Just us two knowing that when a big meteor hits our planet or when the sun suffers an immediate death – we would hold each other’s hand and die in the silence of our love.