By: Maan “Maggie” Villar


“I am too political” or “I am a barrel full of legalese” as my friends, colleagues, professors, and followers would attest, comment or even detest. I am, really. I like talking about societal, cultural, legal and philosophical issues, debating about it and writing about it just like Ricky Lo likes talking about our local celebrities. I dish out my views on politics, governance, economy and the country like aged Chablis running through your throat after a good plate of medium rare steak or Jack Daniel’s and Coke when you’re lounging on a Saturday night. Politics is opium to the masses as one distinguished personage puts it – you make a living out of it, love it, loathe it but you cannot deny it – it is a constant. We have to congratulate our ancestors for instituting a means of control, for creating civilization and organizing the once crazy food chain of which we are on top of because our grey matter has better features than all the rest of the species.

There is a plethora of issues politicians and their constituents deal with on a daily basis that it is a circus. Many complex systems, technicalities, trivialities and the whole science of it that you have to wrap up into a good ball when you write or speak about it just to make sure that  Juan de la Cruz, the average reasonable person, would understand and digest. It’s like The Girl in the Green Scarf when she talks about finance. And in case you are a dude or living inside a cave, I was referring to Confessions of a Shopaholic, the popular series of chic fiction that was made a hit on the silver screen.

I have not really mustered the guts to thrash or commend and even comment on the 2013 elections. I am not really a well researched or well informed voter right now – I would be an irresponsible voter. I got into this whole habit and mess of dating political scions that I cannot let my bias get in the way of my objectivity and credibility in my writing, my political views and more importantly my principles. It’s my personal election liquor ban or gun ban, there should not be undue influence on the ovals I am shading, and the clarity of my rational mind should be foremost if and when I cast any vote in this lifetime. So this is me waiving my right to suffrage, not taking part of the elections this year. My fingers and toes are crossed for my fellowmen, for you, that you take that overused adage VOTE STRAIGHT AND VOTE WISELY to heart this time and in the future elections to come.

In ending this piece, I would like to share something I heard (or overheard) on the 21st floor break area of my workplace. My colleague was expressing his views on his candidates and said that he thinks that his vote would not matter anyway because the masa would screw up the chance that a good leader would get in. He made it worse by saying that taxpayers should be the only ones eligible to participate in the elections. Well, in answer to that my esteemed colleague (I hope you sense the sarcasm), it is not the choice of the masa if they are uneducated, undereducated or unemployed unlike yourself and the right to vote is a basic right bestowed to us by the sovereignty that we fought so hard for, that your great grandfather or grandmother died for, bled for and shed tears for just so you could enjoy your right to sue me if I throw a big cup of hot latte on your cute face and Armani glasses. If you want to save the Philippines, be a responsible voter and stop blaming everyone else just because their opinion of who would make a good leader does not match yours. If this entry somehow reaches you, I really wanted to kick your ass if only I didn’t want to lose my work for such a little arrogant and insensitive freak.