“Nothing in this world can be hidden or suppressed. All such attempts are like holding an umbrella to conceal the sun.”
– R.K. Narayan’s The Guide

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Welcome to my website! This is Maggie Villar (Real name: Maan Villar). And if you would ask how I am related to Manny Villar, I am related but I don’t know how exactly, I would not want to dwell on that nor be under the family’s shadow so here I am making a name for myself. You could say this blog would be one of the conduits to the ends of becoming great and successful.

In this blog, my dear readers, you would read about many of my interests as yours truly is a Renaissance woman slash freelancer, dabbling in many trades and areas that I hope to perfect in the future. This blog would be about my life, random things I find the justice to post, love, the things I write which could either be poetry, articles, essays, it is freeform and I could write about anything that pleases me as long as I find that it fulfills my itch to write and make good use of my artistic or poetic license. And with the many interesting things that we chance upon the Web nowadays, I could also include that and write about that as well. You may also find a hodge-podge of things that you may find of good use to your interests as and that are parallel to mine, these topics may include as what you would see at my site’s banner.

There are only three ‘good’ reasons as to why I wanted to start this blog:

First: My friends and readers find that I need an outlet for my writing as I stopped writing formally for publications, and they enjoy reading the things I write over at Facebook. They think that it is time for me to widen my horizons and my market and also put in more time to writing.

Second: I have an itch to write so much and put my creative juices / poetic license / artistic license into good use and make it available for public consumption as it is decaying in my storage devices (my laptop and flash drive in that case or my grey matter). Putting your talents and acumen out in the open is a good exercise and means to greater ends.

Third: This is extra storage for me as publishing this things and making a systematic organization of these things would make it easier for me to find them in case I need them or want to back track and look back in the future. Besides, saving everything in my computer is already too taxing and risky for me.

And the goal to all these things?

I guess we can never tell, we’ll find out soon… 😉



Maggie Villar (Real Name: Maan Villar) is a graduate of BS Entrepreneurship with a double major in BSBA Business Economics from Saint Louis University. She is currently taking her graduate studies for MBA (Master of Business Administration) and MSPM (Master of Science in Public Managment) from the same university and is working research analyst for a private research and consultancy firm. She was educated in music at an early age and knows how to play seven instruments with piano, vioilin, and guitar as her main instruments. This probably contributed to her high taste in music, she even describes herself as a “music glutton” and enjoys listening to jazz, R&B, rock, soul and classical tunes. Her business expertise and education in music is a must as she is the scion to the family business spearheaded by her grandfather the late Manuel Villar Sr., who founded MARECO Broadcasting Corporation, Villar Recording Company (www.villarmusic.com) and 105.1 Crossover. Given this future responsibility and her plans of diversifying the business (music school, music retailer and music philanthropy being a few of her additions), Maggie planning to take on law.

Maggie is also an art enthusiast as she studied painting at a young age, this spurred her interest to study art history, portraiture, oil painting, sculpture and architecture on her own. She was also a part of the Aloha Dance Academy and specialized in belly dancing, Tahitian and Hawaiian dancing which was a spring-off of her early ballet education. Maggie enjoys reading a lot, she is a bibliophile and bookworm at heart, you would find her in a cafe lost in a book or in an old bookshop smelling the scent of old pages. Topics that interest her would be politics, economics, business, current events, geopolitics, law, sociology, psychology, religion, culture, history and many others. When she travels, she is sure to visit and spend most of her hours contemplating art in museums or relishing the sight, sounds and culture of her destination.

Known for her beauty and elegant fashion choices, Maggie claims that she would rather be known for her intellect and achievements more than anything else. She is seen at many social events yet balances it with her time at school and at work, she graduated a dean’s lister from Saint Louis University and was chosen as one of the 30 best students in the country for the American Chamber of Commerce. Among her other achievements was a business plan she wrote that won the Business Idea Development Awards and soon became Blendz Cafe and Study Hub which she formerly owned with her business partners during her college days. She also won several music recitals and art competitions during her college and high school days.



4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Maggie

    Took the liberty of reading your blog

    After reading it, it gave me the impression like “shock and awe”
    now I have big picture of who you really are, and it’s an honor and priveledge to be your friend and colleague

    Cheers to that.

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