Law School

This is me after a few months of law school: crinkled A-line skirts and blazers, un-starched white polo shirts, a horde of highlighters and pens, an everyday black backpack, thick books in my arms, rushing, pimples and severe lack of sleep showing in my eyes. It is almost finals and it is only now that I would finally get to write about it for the first time. I had been that busy. I just sneaked this in while waiting for a settlement that I am to fix here at work. I am such a law nerd now. Yes.

This is one thing off my bucket list, to enter law school (and get high grades). The high grades part is now in parenthesis, because with how things are going, I would highly doubt I retain my merit scholarship. They say it is normal. And it is, I was very optimistic upon entering – I am more of a realist now. My good academic standing back in my undergraduate and masters really did not matter. This is way different. It entails more time, more effort, more commitment, more resources and more resilience. Everyday is a battle. Literally. Literally that good days without the Socratic recitations in class are called “ceasefires.”

Law school has changed how I think and analyze things. My choices are made better by the better moral alternatives that I acquired in my study and from great personalities as professors.

This thing is indeed a test to my endurance.

I envy those who manage to update their blogs and even put up ones with complete case digests and notes for their law courses.

May I survive this semester.

Back to work now.