11 February 2014

I haven’t written for a while now, a lot is going on lately. I haven’t written about my recent travel to Vigan all alone and a new destination is coming up on Saturday. My friends and I are going to celebrate Valentine’s day with a picnic and drinks at a waterfall in Los Banos. I’m very excited for it and it made me realize that it was childish for me to mope about being single on the day of hearts, a lot of love is indeed all around – think Under the Tuscan Sun or Eat, Pray, Love.

Work, reviews for law school, and being almost done with my thesis for both degrees – all that has been eating up my time lately. Add the random meet-ups and visits to the water holes with good friends. Events. A confabulated flurry of activity and life. A lot on my plate, I like it.

Or maybe these are just excuses…

Maybe I took a pause in my writing when his hands swam through the blankets to find mine, and when he did he intertwined it and gave me a kiss on the forehead and on the lips… Yet again…


I’m fucking in love again.

I think…


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