Date A Guy Who Reads

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Date a guy who reveals his wallet for that thick leather bound book of adventures instead of wordless magazines of Maseratis and Ferraris. Date a guy who doesn’t waste his time sitting in the local bar cheering at football teams and wrestling themselves while they get on the high from drinking. Date a guy who got short sighted just because he couldn’t let go of that book in the middle of the night, straining himself all throughout the night just to see a beautiful ending at stunning twilight’s embrace.

Find a guy who reads. He’ll be the one sitting alone at McDonald’s with a book, sophisticated at first sight, but as you peer closer, you’ll find out that to you, it’s just another story book, but to him it’s a reality based on a fantasy. He’ll be the only one who stands amongst children in the teen reader’s section of…

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To and romance to my pensive mood on New Year’s eve was wine and a good drag on menthol cigarette… 


I realized that if a person you used to love becomes only a memory, then that love is not real anymore… And love fades and ends… And you emerge a victor, a survivor, when it does.