Private companies monopolizing and acquiring patents on public goods, is it right? Is it moral? Should such practice proliferate and be considered “normal”? Should we pay for natural resources / public goods? I don’t know but I just feel irked by the idea that a certain private company is acquiring patents for water and fennel flowers. Something is awfully wrong about the whole idea of it. I guess most Netizens would be disturbed by the pictures and articles of those bottled or canned fresh air – this is just the tip of the iceberg. If you put in the number of patents being filed each day by big companies it is as if everything is capitalized and profited from and the very laws instituted as standards for these patents are worked around and contravened. Isn’t it that what grows naturally from this earth and that which is a life form cannot be patented? I guess that basic standard doesn’t apply anymore when money talks.


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