By Maan “Maggie” Villar, The World According to Maggie V


the fullness of my female unravel,

under your gaze…

the songs we love to make love to,

play on the stereo…

spiced rum and flavored cigarettes,

lying around in the patio…

the woody notes of your perfume rush through my nose,

as we enter your dimly lit room…

my blood rushes,

my ligaments loosen,

a soft sigh escapes my lips,

and i find myself lost in your strong embrace,

and butterfly kisses…

a gentle slumber,

and we are wakened by the sunlight of tomorrow…

i sip my coffee,

exit your flat,

take a bath,

put on my heels and a skirt,

another day goes by…

in the middle of words, numbers and thoughtless converse,

a sudden surge of last nights escapades enter my mind,


it gives a shiver down my spine,

and a small grin…

the vicious cycle,

the sexy man,

the highlight of my day,

the knicker moments…

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