By Maan “Maggie” Villar, The World According to Maggie V


I find it odd that most of the things I have put up in this blog did not come to me when I am in a ‘proper writing environment’. Not only what I write but I would think about smarter arguments or retorts, better sarcastic remarks, things to write on my thesis and even plan a whole day, week, or month. Most of it comes when I am doing my sacrosanct lady needs in the shower room. And the past couple of days getting lost on the Internet has led me to realize that it does not happen only to me, in fact there are memes, comments, and articles about the whole shenanigan of getting your best thoughts inside the bathroom.

I chanced upon an article to explain “Shower Room Ideas”:

“the reason why we get ideas in the shower is because we’re not working and our bodies are doing something totally different, it’s a new stimulus environment, and the stuff we have been ruminating on just assembles itself in a completely different way in our subconscious…”


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