By Maan “Maggie” Villar, The World According to Maggie V


In the sea of men,

Of women,

Of dating,

Of love,

And of random hook-ups,

Casual fornication

And making love…


There are the brick-headed philanderers,

Who would forget your name come morning time,

There are beautiful Barbie types,

With alabaster skin and crimson lips,

Who would drool at the mention of Socrates,

Who care about the latest shades of lipsticks,

Or new stocks of designer shoes,

But could care less where their taxes are going,

Or with nuclear weapons manufactured in North Korea,

They just care that their hair is perfect,

And that they are the most beautiful gazelle in the bar,

On a night the man who takes them home would forget,

When the stupor of alcohol and strobe lights wear off…


There are the silent-types seeing the world in rose-colored glasses,

Stealing a glance at you,

Making a beautiful portrait of an angle where your hair drapes gracefully at your back,

An angle where your eyes are half-closed and melancholic,

On paper that would make a connoisseur dig deep in his pockets years after…

You would forget about him,

But he would make you his muse,

Up until he hangs himself on a noose,

Because you never noticed,

You never cared…


There are bookish-type women,

Who live secret lives in the lines of story,

Who rides the train hoping to chance upon a beautiful stranger,

A beautiful stranger who never came,

And she would find herself on the looking glass,

With graying hair and dull eyes years after,

Only to look after domesticated animals,

To water potted plants,

And write beautiful lines of verse,

About a stranger she never met…


The philanderer was left by his greatest love,

The beautiful gazelle takes her chances but ends up left alone,

The artist tragically ended alone and dead,

And the woman of letters was alone in her death bed…


There are many other stories,

Many other people,

Who spend their lives looking for love –

Only to fail and cry the rest of their nights away…


There are men and women you love for the night,

And those that you love for a lifetime…


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