Rated and Reviewed: Chromeo

By: Maan “Maggie” Villar, The World According to Maggie V


It was a lazy day, I just had Dr. L review my progress with my paper and I felt I could do a couple of days without working on it after finding out that I still have a good timetable to work on. I was just at home with Great Taste coffee in a ceramic mug, the cold weather and finding ways to kill time. So I ogle and snoop around Mike Concepcion’s page for a while, he is another of those underrated yet admirable icons in the entertainment industry just like the songs he listens to. I found out he listens to Chromeo and I find myself lost in their electrofunk and old school vibe as I click on the links and follow through the bread crumbs. It makes wonder, however, if Mike Concepcion actually likes the electrofunk duo because he has a striking resemblance to the lead vocalist/guitarist David Maklovitch.


To feed off my curiosity, I read the comments on each of their videos. What I gleaned is that there is much comparison to their predecessor Daft Punk and that is understandable since they play on the same genre. There are a lot of differences in their style and the structure of their music if you take a look closer. Chromeo’s lyric is more of a free flow, urbane, and fresh poetry, as if they are taking the words you would naturally say out of your mouth. Their music takes influences from jazz and hip hop as the group evolved discovering these two prior to creating a distinct flavor all their own.


If you watch their videos, you would find out that David Macklovitch is a very good dancer especially in the dance scenes of “Night by Night” and that all their videos not only have hot models but good stories. They are also shot well. P-Thugg uses the talk box which is that thing he talks through on the videos which you might think is a large tube for ephysema or that thing dentists use to filter out saliva, it makes their music more organic compared to other electrofunk artists.


Highly underrated and undiscovered by many music fans they are not overly commercialized which is why they are to-look-out-for… I am addicted. My personal favorite is “Look over your shoulder”.

Oh the grass is greener everywhere you look
So many girls out there I could write a book

That one’s ass is leaner
This one’s like Serena

But I thinkĀ your silhouette is meaner

And even though you’ve got small breasts
But to me they look the best
I confess
I wanna go home and get you undressed

See your problems of self-esteem
Could be self-fulfilling prophecies

So probably your best policy is to talk to me

Stop looking over your shoulder
Cause if it was up to me I would make you feel right

Oh the grass is greener everywhere you look
So many people stare they got you scared of the girls out there

This one’s cola-bottle size
And that one’s more of a model size
I know you heard this a hundred times
To me what matters is what’s inside
And a little backside too
Is that bad, is that taboo?
Can I get a bird’s eye view?

You see, your problems of self-esteem
Could be self-fulfilling prophecies
So arguably your best policy should be talking to me
Talking to me

So next time that you’re feeling down
Turn your frown into a crown
Put yourself in an evening gown
And I’ll roll around
Rip it off
Break you off

JetBlue Airways taking off
Couple of days where the sand is soft
Oh, aren’t you glad you took the weekend off?

Cause it’s those little imperfections that make beauty in my eyes
I wanna be in the intersection of your thighs
And you worry about your size
It’s nonsense
It’s not a contest

And besides
If it was a contest, you’d win it
I wanna take a bath with you in it
Bathroom sex, you with it
I did it, I’m lying
I’ll do it with you if you wanna try
I’ve seen you cracking a smile
Guess I have to stay for a while

Over your shoulder
Love is what you’re searching for
Over your shoulder
You don’t have to look anymore


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