By: Maan “Maggie” Villar, The World According to Maggie V


This afternoon, I was going through my vocabulary review for the law admissions review classes I signed up for and out of the hundreds of words tasked for my study group, sojourn was one that particularly struck me. I have used the word many times in the past and believed that sojourn pertained to journey, travel or a conquest – to come up with this parallel, I have used my linguistic instinct and context clues to guide me to such assumed meaning. A while ago, I found out what sojourn really means… Sojourn means “a temporary stay” or “to stay as a temporary resident”. I was alone in the room, the rain trickling over my windows and with only the hum of the winds the storm has brought to let my thoughts drift. I thought that my life was a sojourn all the while, equating sojourn to a journey or quest, but having learned its real meaning I somehow think that every period, every moment, every month, every year,  every birthday is but a phase – a temporary phase of which I am a temporary resident. It would all go by and we all need to move on from these phases, to advance, go forward, go yonder and see what life has in store for us, to see the product of our efforts and dreams, to leave the pains of the past and ripen ourselves to newer pains and indistinct, ephemeral pleasures and happiness. We only sojourn in this life if we want better, there is nothing permanent anyway.




This truly made my heart melt and my lips curl into a smile, a sweet way to start a week in the humdrum of the office. Thanks Brandon! 😉 It was really sweet of you to make a poem, and the cakes, and the company…

Gosh! I’m blushing now — I’m out of words!


By this time I usually get a ping

From a girl that makes my heart sing

Today its zero, no such thing

I’m longing for the smile that you bring


Your eyes they look at me so sweet

Thinking of you makes me grind my teeth

I wonder if we can make something beat

I guess I’ll just have to take a seat


We’re trying our best to be together

Our sweet flicks always gives me a hangover

But don’t mind me there’s nothing to bother

I’ll be smiling like crazy pretending I’m sober


There are things in this world that may not be

There are mysteries in the ocean we may not see

I feel you don’t deserve someone like me

But still I feel your warmth like blanket and tea


You overwhelm my senses oh my ultimate crush

It’s like bragging the crowd with a royal flush

You stun me so well I can’t make a move

Just keep me near you and dance with our groove


Tuesday next week you’ll be here by ten

I’ll just have to see you right away then

I miss you and you know that’s definitely given

Till we meet again in our secret garden