8 Songs For When You’re Romantically Depressed

Wow, I found this on Thought Catalog. The gal has a great taste in music and we have exactly the same habit, “The Walk of Shame” and “Henny Penny” which I hate and I’m tired of. Nice read.

Thought Catalog

My dating life is, in a word, terrible. I seem incapable of finding 1) anyone I have a true connection with and 2) decent, stable individuals. By decent, stable individuals I mean those who don’t try to sleep with my best friend or invite me to have a threesome with another guy they met before me and who they purport to like just as much as me. Not that there is anything wrong with a threesome, it’s just that it’s not the sort of relationship-building activity I find particularly fulfilling. When was the last time any monogamous relationship started off with a threesome? At any rate, in the efforts of “giving things a shot” and trying to “break out of my heteronomative-obsessed box,” I go along with things that eventually lead to me walking home, late at night or early in the morning and feeling like Henny Penny.

It’s on…

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