Sad Christmas Songs in the Middle of June


By: Maan “Maggie” Villar

You can tell how sad I am – I was listening to sad christmas songs on a cab ride to the office as the Manila skyline passed by me in the middle of June. It was dawn, the sun was just about to rise and I was there on my headphones, listening to “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” by Luther Vandross. Sad christmas songs in the middle of June, ain’t that sad? Sad yet romantic, but you could tell I was in a limbo, an all-time low. It was my choices anyway that made me come up to this state of being, I cannot really put it in words. In this state of melancholic delirium do I notice the small things in life that could truly make my day a little bit brighter, that life is not all drama and tragedy:

  • Getting that energy drink when the heat is unbearable and weakening, it makes you feel that everything would be okay. That cold passing through your throat counteracting the heat that scorches your skin and makes your lips parched, curing the thirst, lessening the chances of the heat getting the best of you. The best cold drinks are drank noon time, when the sun is high and your head is tad with perspiration. And you just feel happy and fulfilled because of a cold glass or a good old Coke Sakto and a wide all-gum smile from Manang of your neighborhood sari-sari store.

sari sari store softdrinks

  • I always remember when Elle Woods (played by Reese Witherspoon in Legally Blonde) said that “excercise produces endorphines, endorphines make you happy”. It is a tried and tested beauty and health secret and regimen harped on and on by a million glossies and celebrities. It is true though, I feel happier, healthier, more active and sexier those moments when I step out of my gym building or out of the badminton court. Playing in the court is similar to performing the violin or ballet on-stage, all eyes are on you and you have to give it your best shot, make your smoothest moves and maneuvers to win that game. I always thought that sports and I don’t go together, but I found a new love for it, a big change, I’m trading in a lacy bra for spandex sports bras and chocolates for endorphins.


  • Getting a lot of things done in just a span of a couple of hours and that rewarding feeling that you get after a long, tedious day of running around. I would have to commend my mom who has this no-nonsense attitude when it comes to time, she NEVER PUTS OF THINGS FOR TOMORROW. She wants things done PRONTO which is a good thing because it saves a lot of hassle for the next days to come, less things to worry about. So yesterday, mom and I went out, we went all the way to U.P. to sign up and pay for those Law Review classes and for being early, we even got an early bird discount and choice of classes and rooms, I even have enough time to review and freshen up for my diagnostics. We then went to CSC further north in Batasan so I could register for the next Civil Service Exams this coming October, my mom was also able to get copies of CSC documents she needed. I was tired from all the walking and commuting that I wanted to get home and save up energy for tomorrow’s work load but she pushed me to go to the gym, and I did, my stomach muscles hurt like hell but going to the gym equals a good night’s rest so I was able to wake up earlier than usual, read the newspapers and work updates, arrive at the office on time (which is unusual for me recently) and dress up pretty nicely. Doing things early equals an early bird discount without you knowing it, the little perks of being responsible and a step ahead. I’ll take my mom’s attitude on time and getting things done, very nice.

UP Diliman Quezon City (1)

  •  It’s better to gossip about celebrities than people you know and people inside your office – it’s lessens the evil of the wrongdoing. That being said, you can tell what my seat mate and I do and laugh about in between work and breaks. From Charice Pempengco, Ai-ai De Las Alas, Maja Salvador and the sex scandal of KC Concepcion and Hayden Koh – just ask us, we have all the juice. LOL. (Why do they put their lives up for public consumption anyway if we don’t talk about it?)


  • Reading books about art takes the stress away from academic reading and since art is something I am comfortable with reading and something I understand to bits, I understand history and philosophy better when I read it through the great works and artists of this world. Besides, I feel happy to put on my fedora and read the art books in a hole-in-the-wall with fellow hermits, intellectuals and artists. It takes me away from all the heavy thinking required of my academic requirements.


  • 360 degree lifestyle change. Although many of my friends would not believe it, I stopped smoking and drinking. Total detox. My 20 year old self made a promise that I would stop smoking and drinking by the time that I am 23 years old. I am glad that I am not having a hard time with the temptation and the so-called “withdrawal symptoms”. I feel lighter and healthier and happier. I initially did not want to take a full stop to all these things because I was afraid that I would lose my “social life”. But the opposite turned out to be true, my friends appreciate me for being “brave” enough and wants me to help them out, the really cool ones made adjustments like Shaina who invited me on a dinner date next week Wednesday instead of a drinking session, and I also found new friends along the way like my Badminton buddies, my gym friends and other healthy living friends and not-so-healthy living ones who were willing to adjust. I MIGHT EVEN GO VEGAN for three reasons: a) I don’t want to contribute to global warming because I’m eating too much red meat b) I want to feel lighter and lessen cholesterol intake and c) I have plans of changing my religion to Buddhism sometime in the future. (I know right?! I’m such a crazy girl! And I love it…)


So yeah, I know I started this post on a sad note, maybe I’m not really sad because I’m not really the emo / feeler kinda gal. Maybe I like listening to those sad chrismas songs in the middle of June just so I could be grateful for the small and happy events happening in my life and for the shallow reason that I like L.V. (Ok, screw it, Luther Vandross) and I like slow jams and lots of saxo-action in the songs I listen to. LOL. Besides, I’ll have my self a merry little christmas this christmas. =P


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