Bye Summer, Hello June!

I always liked June. June is the month that signals more work and a busier schedule for workaholics like myself. When I was younger, June meant new shoes, new bags, new notebooks, new books, new pencils and the smell of new plastic pencil box. Summer has officialy ended and the time has come again to get serious. I say a temporary farewell to my random trips to Baguio, Laguna, and other places here and there. I needed the whole summer to get away from it all, I felt like my head was exploding, overwhelmed of all life plans and deliverables that I have to meet before the year ends. I needed a vacay big time, so I got myself one even if it’s not a glamorous trip to the beaches of Bali or Phuket.

Here are a few highlights of summer 2013, just some vague updates about my life:

  • I booked a ticket for an Asian tour to Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Singapore. (And I can tell I would be broke by the end of that trip from all the shopping, hotels, transpo and food)


  • I found my sport. People who know me would say that sports and I don’t get along, don’t go together or whatever hyperbole you could think of which would emphasize that I am not made for such endeavor. But I always win at badminton and the people at the sports center I play at commend me for my “natural skill”. I told my dad about it and he said I take the skills from my grandfather yet again. Runs in the blood, so it seems.


  • It turns out that I’m graduating from my masters March of next year, this was really a disappointment, but yet again, my profesors and colleagues have high expectations on my work for my MBA and MSPM degree as my CSR work should be a landmark study in the country since it is an unchartered territory of academic endeavor. Wish me luck on this still.


  • I really miss my mom’s cooking, the thought of another run to the restaurant, fast food or another microwaveable meal irks me.


  • I had a great summer with the company of my friends, I admit I was a pot head half of the time but I really got closer to them and I’m also happy to meet new friends and be re-acquainted with old ones. Slumber parties, long drives, watching movies, playing Deal or no Deal at the arcade and shouting at each other, karaoke nights, drinking in our places, clubbing, dining out, jaunts to the beach or just Manila bay and having coffee. It really made my summer.


  • I rested my mind, I withdrew from reading heavy stuff like academic books, review materials for the law entrance, Tolstoy, Wilde and Dostoevsky. I know, I know – it also meant I postponed a lot of work, but I really felt burned out. It was purely leisure reading this summer, I even stopped reading the newspapers. I read magazine after magazine and John Grisham, classics and Ayn Rand. Okay, I admit I cheated and read some Harvard Business Reviews and a few journals here and there but I feel amped up for the heavier stuff about to come this month!


  •  Retrospect. Yes sir. I listened to old CDs and songs, looked at old pictures and old photo albums, visited old places like Pizza Volante, Cubao Expo, got in touch with old friends and listened to a lot of old shool jazz songs and Dvorak.


  • New gadgets, thanks a lot to my dad who makes it an excuse that he has to “update”. Mom and I are showered with new gadgets that it’s already confusing to tell where you saved a particular file. The 3D TV, massage chair, exercise equipment and other metal gunk up to that weird LED tree dumped in a hallway in our house that still remained either underused or completely unused. Dad’s on a crazy spending spree.


  • I’m getting a hand of budgeting and doing adult stuff. I’m ready for bills coming up, household management (like making sure the water is full and there is bearable amounts of energy consumption), making sure the garbage is taken out once or twice a week and that shampoo bottles are full.


  • I didn’t write anything on my planner this summer. I was Little Miss Spontaneous but I’m done with that, I have to get it straight now, and live life healthier and like a straight arrow to go along with the sports and the gym membership. I don’t want to put it all to waste since it came from hard earned money.


  • I had my BMI and fitness check-up, it turns out I gained 9 kg from my slender 50kg. I have to put more time in the gym and with badminton it turns out. I blame fastfoods, microwave meals and soft drinks for the weight gain, really.3


  • I’ve developed an addiction for Thai Milk Tea in those big cans and Kimchi Flavored Korean Noodles. Dairy queen and spam sandwiches are still a constant.

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