When someone borrows any music player like my PC, laptop, tablet, phone or MP3 player, they comment that there are hunk loads of sexy songs, pants off songs – don’t mistake me for a nympho because I am just a big fan of old school jazz, saxophones, broken chords on the piano and the great jazz masters and these sexy songs not only get me in the mood but wake me up and gets me going, puts me to sleep too – reflects my soul. And gosh, how I’d love to listen to Barry White’s deep baritone esp. at night with a glass of wine and dim lighting. I made up this list of my top sexy songs just to feed off the demands of C and I who find it funny that all I listen to are “sex songs”. LOL. And I have to separate my most recent discovery, Angela Bofill’s Under the Mon and Over the Sky, I really feel that there is so much of “sexy” with the fact that it is sang by the great Ms. Bofill, the lyrics, the rhythm, the sounds of nature placed in song, and the song being underrated – you can tell it’s on repeat and I’m in a bubble when I listen to it, like I literally won’t mind you when I’m feeling it (my dad even asked me for the title and artist when it was blaring from my speakers at home – all I’m sayin’ iis that YOU SHOULD LISTEN TO IT!). Enjoy!


1. Love Won’t Let Me Wait – Major Harris / John Legend


2. Me and Mrs. Jones – Billy Paul


3. Anytime, Anyplace – Janet Jackson


4. Turn off the Lights – Teddy Pendergrass


5. Bump and Grind – R. Kelly


6. Twisted – Keith Sweat


7. Slow Jams – Babyface feat. Tamia


8. ‘S Wonderful – Joao Gilberto


9. Something About Us – Daft Punk


10. Our First Time – Bruno Mars


11. Romeo and Juliet – Sylk E Fyne


12. Feel Like Makin’ Love – Roberta Flack


13. Unpredictable – Jamie Foxx


14. I Want to Sex You Up – Color Me Badd


15. After the Party – Koffee Brown


16. It Never Entered My Mind – Miles Davis


17. Can’t Get Enough of your Love Babe – Barry White


(Holy sh** that frakking body. Sorry, I can’t help reacting… LOL)

18. All Night Long – Mary J. Blige (or the remix with LL Cool J)


19. Suit and Tie – Justin Timberlake feat. Jay – Z


20. Why You Wanna – T.I.

P.S. My apologies, Mr. Man and I were driving to ourr respective offices this morning, he says I have to add All the things (your man won’t do) by Joe and argued further that you cannot make a sexy song top 20 list without Joe, Barry White and Luther Vandross. I concede. LOL


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