The Bob


By: Maan “Maggie” Villar

Why did I chop off 80% of my hair?

I went in a posh salon in the Makati area on December 30 and got rid of my long locks as a statement, as a signal of a new start – an outward expression of my inner going-ons. The stylist asked me several times, “are you sure about this?”, and even told me that having a haircut would not absolve me of those things I want to forget but it is far from that, the reason why I got it cut. I didn’t get a hair cut to move on for a break-up or to become more masculine or worse become a tomboy, not that I have anything against it. I just happen to be a proud AND HAPPY heterosexual with shorter hair. I just wanted to be me, again…

There are studies that suggest that it is less attractive for men when they see women in shorter hairstyles, or that women lose their overall sex appeal when they let go of their long hair. I would beg to disagree, I feel the exact opposite. But, in all honesty, just like anyone undergoing a drastic transformation, I had my down moments too, I even got to a point where I had to wear extensions for a month all because I had a hard time matching my clothes to my shorter hairstyle. I got rid of the extensions, not only because it is summer season, but because I was a pheonix rising up from the ashes, a butterfly emerging from its cocoon.

They say that women with shorter hair are usually career women, moms and celebrities – the alpha female, the independent woman and the woman who has got her game going – Athena (my favorite Greek goddess). Women donnning this style are perceived to be smarter, more independent and goal oriented, and they are also more creative and artistic as proven by studies. They are more confident and have leadership acumen. They are in control but at the same time reveal their vulnerable side as they are also exposing their necks (In the olden days, revealing your neck is exposing an attack point to your opponent, making you more vulnerable). It is a sure sign of strength and takes a lot of gut and commitment, a very important decision point as it is definitely hard to let go of tresses that took you years to grow and maintain. Short hair on younger women would make them look older or more mature and I am aiming exactly for that effect, I want to be perceived not as the little girl anymore but a woman making her mark in this world, someone endowed with wisdom and ready to march to her own tune. And maybe because I do not have the time and the capacity to commit myself or settle down anytime soon as my life goals come foremost, this is also a form of “man repellent”, I’m aiming for a sexy androgynous look, not to be misconstrued as a hairstyle that would complement doing drugs with Andy Warhol or sexual orientation issues (I am heterosexual still and we need to rid of that mischance we put to women cutting their hair that they are about to become tomboys or what not) but something that screams “INDEPENDENT WOMAN”, “POWER WOMAN”, “SUCCESSFUL WOMAN” AND “I DON’T NEED A MAN!”.

I love my short do and what it stands for, and how it reflects my personality.

Here are a couple of pictures of beautiful, successful women that I look up to and who coincidentally carry a good crown of short hair atop their shoulders.

Exhibit 1: Lesley Lawson aka “Twiggy” [English model, actress and singer, was dubbed as “The Face of 1966”


Exhibit 2: Alicia Keys [Singer, songwriter, music producer, actress, a very talented pianist and violinist, Grammy award winner]


Exhibit 3: Victoria Caroline Beckham [Married to football hottie David Beckham hence Posh and Becks, English fashion designer, businesswoman, model, singer, was part of the pop group Spice Girls]

Victoria Beckham Short Blonde Bob Haircuts 5

Exhibit 4: Emma Watson [Became popular when she starred as Hermione in J.K. Rowling’s screen adaptation of Harry Potter series, became even more popular when she was the heroine of The Perks of Being a Wallflower, English actress and model]


Exhibit 5: Natalie Portman [Actress and model, one of the smartest actresses of all time, FYI she graduated as a Psychology major from Harvard while working as an actress and has one of the highest IQs – impressive!]



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