01. Graduate from my masters, both Master of Science in Business Administration and Master of Science in Public Management.

02. Make a landmark study / thesis / dissertation and be a known and widely cited voice in my chosen field.

03. Enter a reputable law school.

04. Graduate from Juris Doctor degree with honors.

05. Be super woman and finish law school while working for a good company with a good salary.

06. Be on top of my class and extra-curriculars like debate or orchestra.

07. Take advance music classes in piano and violin.

08. Finish reading my books on art history, art theory, portrait drawing and painting.

09. Finish reading my books in music theory and music history.

10. Play the pieces I love, master at least 100 piano / violin pieces in my lifetime.


11. Make at least 100 paintings.

12. Paint in Paris.

13. Make at least 100 drawings.

14. Become a published writer in a periodical.

15. Buy my mom her dream house.

16. Become the owner of an 18th century Stradivarius violin.

17. Have a Steinway baby grand in my living room.

18. Have a Mark Chagall painting in the master’s bedroom of my house.

19. Be a part of humanitarian organizations and philanthropic activities.

20. Practice law privately.


21. Be employed in an intranational organization like United Nations or Asian Development Bank.

22. Teach music to young kids.

23. Find love again.

24. Fall head over heels in love with someone who deserves it.

25. Get a to-die-for wedding proposal and a Harry Winston diamond ring.

26. Get married in a country where divorce is legal or in the Philippines if divorce is already legalized.

27. Have two kids – a boy and a girl if the heavens would permit.

28. Listen to jazz on the radio and drink wine after every stressful day with the one I love and maybe some poetry before we sleep. ♥

29. Learn how to cook meals like Giada de Laurentis or Barefoot Contessa.

30. Learn how to speak in French and Latin.


31. Get on a Meditarranean cruise.

32. Do yoga and jog before the sun rises every morning.

33. Have a healthy lifestyle and encourage my family to have the same.

34. Age gracefully – remain sexy and beautiful even up to old age.

35. Make my blog a hit.

36. Eat the cake made of gold in South Africa.

37. Learn how to cake and create masterpieces out of flour and sugar.

38. Build a cozy, country style home with a lot of books and musical instruments.

39. Visit 100 museums around the world.

40. Have a Labrador and a black Yorkshire Terrier for a pet.

Beautiful Dreamer

41. Be a voice in fighting for human rights, animal rights, environmental preservation and other things that I believe in.

42. Learn how to meditate.

43. Interview 10 of my life icons and feature them in my blog.

44. See the majestic Irish mountains.

45. Drink like a sorority girl in an English water hole.

46. Shop for Prada in Milan.

47. Get in touch to my spiritual side in an Indian ashram.

48. Witness the whirling dervishes of Turkey.

49. Visit the dwellings of Mozart, Beethoven, Bach, Wagner and the other great composers I idolize.

50. Be under the tutelage of a great artist and learn great techniques I could use to develop my own.


51. Showcase my own works in a gallery.

52. Be a New Yorker for a good portion of my lifetime.

53. Be opera and theater savvy.

54. Watch the performances of Bolshoi and Kirov ballet.

55. Win a big case in court.

56. Win a lot of good cases and close a lot of good deals in my legal career.

57. Sleep to the serenade of a gondolier in the canals of Venice.

58. Enjoy a parachute ride and drink champagne while at it.

59. Skydive.

60. See the pyramids, mummies and hieroglyphs of Egypt.


61. Get to know my own country by travelling to all major destinations in it and knowing my culture by heart.

62. Own a yacht.

63. Eat cake made out of gold.

64. Truffle hunting in northern Italy.

65. Wear a wedding dress designed by a sought after designer like Carolina Herrera, Monique Lhullier, or Vera Wang.

66. Own a vast collection of jewelry and share them with my mom.

67. Have a closet full of perfume bottles and share it with mom.

68. Have a closet full of designer bags and shoes and share it with mom.

69. Hop on a US tour with my dad.

70. Make sure that my mom and dad ages gracefully and live their days happily with their grandchildren.


71. Watch the ball drop in Times Square on New Year’s eve.

72. Write a book about my life and my thoughts.

73. Write a landmark piece about the Philippine Legal System and Corporate Social Responsibility.

74. Learn how to play the harp.

75. Play violin or piano for a big orchestra like the Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra or London Philharmonic.

76. Give solo instrumental performances.

77. Be a known voice in propagating and preserving classical music, Filipino cultural music, art and dances.

78. Become a member and leader of the Philippine cultural society and committee.

79. Have a law passed.

80. Send my kids to Ivy League schools and have them graduate with honors and great lives.


81. Celebrate my golden wedding with a cake made of edible 24-k gold.

82. Sing beautifully on stage with a standing ovation.

83. Give a speech that would make it to history books and books of the best speeches.

84. Age with ethereal beauty and health.

85. Have a trophy room in my house for my family’s trophies and awards.

86. Kiss under the cherry blossoms in Japan.

87. Drink soju and eat somgyupsal like a local in one of South Korea’s provinces.

88. Ride one of NASA’s shuttles that is used to tour people to have a glimpse of outer space.

89. Climb a big mountain.

90. Live in an ashram for a couple of months and learn how to meditate and get in touch with my spirituality.


91. Have a star named after me.

92. Help improve the lives of at least 100 people, send children to school, help stand up and fight for human rights and poverty.

93. Let all my secrets be known and be absolved of all evil and sin.

94. Change my religion when I find something that I truly believe in and matches my lifestyle and conviction.

95. Become a travelling professor in business, law and the humanities.

96. Buy a house in Corinthian Hills for my mom.

97. Become the owner of MARECO Broadcasting, Villar Music and 105.1 Crossover.

98. Teach music and the arts to students in the school that I am going to build, be a great mentor to an artist or musician who would become great someday.

99. Build my music and arts school.

100. Be known and remembered as one of the most sophisticated, powerful and beautiful women that sashayed the streets of Baguio / Manila / New York / Paris.

Bucket List by Atty. Maan “Maggie” Villar y Parreno, MBA, MSBA, MSPM



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