New Obsession: Avan Jogia


Avan Jogia – the name alone is sexy. I don’t know how I chanced upon him in the vast world of the Internet but yes fellas, I am sessing (short for obsessing) over him BIG TIME! I mean it is better than finding the Tsarnaev brothers who are behind the Boston Bombings cute right? I would get a lot of hate mail from saying this alone of course since those two brothers caused a lot of chaos and life was at stake with what they did. I was stricken when I saw one of the very talented dancers of Dancing with the Stars lose her leg at the bombing. The horrors of it! Her legs are her bread and butter, for heaven’s sake, SHE’S A DANCER!


Back to Avan…

He’s a Canadian actor although I have never really watched his movies and he’s two years my junior. Middle name is “Tudor”, makes me wonder if he has royal descent. (Hmmm…)

Gosh… I would love to wake up every morning with that face. It’s not something I would easily get tired of. He looks like some semi-terrorist, artsy, rocker type guy… Which I like. A LOT. I would want him to sit for me someday, or just stare at his pictures when I’m bored at work. He makes me want to rush home and get my charcoal pencils and sketch pad so I can memorize his features through a drawing. Man, I’m sessing big time (and drooling…)

I should stop here before I get into the lewd stuff in my imagination. LOL.



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