A good friend of mine, Lorie, lent me a copy of Suits Season 1. I mean, all of my friends suggested that I watch this being aware of my ambition. They knew I would like it, and I did, I am hooked. Lorie went all the way, we went all the way to her friend’s flat just to get the copy. So gracias Lorie. I finally set asisde a day to watch it after a couple of weeks from acquiring the copy.


Smart dialougue, witticisms, legalese, muted humor, good twists and not too much drama. It is unlike Law and Order, which is suffocated with the elements that make up a legal drama, it is less of that, which makes it more — an addiction because there is something more to ask for. It is like Ally McBeal but with more testosterone.


Enter: Harvey Specter (the best closer of New York, Senior Partner in Pearson Hardman). My new screen idol. He has the makings of the lawyer I want to be. That swagger, sharpness, quick mindedness, great grasp of the law, style, headstrong persona and yes, equal doses of sexiness and his signature moves. I now found someone to imitate if I do go to court and get into settlements. He has to win, and he does. Definitive of my overall attitude in life. Two things I would take from Harvey: “Never take no for an answer”, “Win”. And despite his many tries to pretend that he doesn’t have a heart, and he doesn’t care, random scenes would show that he does have a human touch and he has emotions despite being encased in that rock hard on-screen personality of his. He reminds me of myself in some ways, and he echoes what I want in a man. If I do get to be with a Mr. Specter, there would surely be a lot of filling arguments and stimulating conversations in our household. Ha, ha!


Of course, the main antagonist and the “Robin” to the “Batman & Robin” tandem of Harvey Specter and Mike Ross, Mr. Ross himself (the associate with a very high IQ). Cunning, a sleuth, street smart and the human touch to their partnership, Mike Ross is a college drop-out who faked and worked his way into Pearson Hardman (the fictional law firm in the series). He was able to pass the LSATs and bar examinations without need of any degree, he has a tight grasp of the law and his eidetic memory allows Specter and Pearson Hardman to win their cases and look into nooks and crannies that easily could have flighted one’s vision. Exemplary the street smarts this man is endowed with and he does deserve where he is given his innate acumen. I am such a credentialist, but what I really like most with Mike Ross is his eye for detail, the way he speeds through thousands of pages of documents and of course, his eidetic memory which I suppose is his “super power”, that which allows him to be eligible to be an associate at Pearson Hardman and rub shoulders with Ivy League lawyers and high roller clients.


Mike Ross’ love interest is Rachel, a paralegal in the law firm. Rachel is very smart and sassy but never pursues her law degree because she has a way of “bombing her tests”. She comes from “loaded” parents but enters Pearson Hardman to be able to make her own money. Similar to Mike, she’s also keen on the details and gets her lawyers the results that they need. I also like her signature style of pencil skirts, hot tops, luscious hair and neat make-up.


What I like is that Suits is not yet overrated unlike The Walking Dead, Glee, VD and many other sitcoms. There are no many memes circulating on the Web to bash or “overrate” the TV show so, again, beauty in the underrated. Watching Suits had a good effect on me, I was able to build a case for my CSR paper and read through the pile of journals on my desk. It’s inspirational for someone planning to take the same profession. So my choices nowadays are guided by the question:



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