JT is defo better than JB! Need that be explicited? I know I am falling a bit backward when following what is trending, I am not “real time” when it comes to the trends and tides of pop culture so this video is a new discovery after my friend and I were driving around town. My friend was even insisting that the video title was “Soothe and Tight”. Huh?! LOL.

You cannot blame me entirely for being delayed in finding out about this, maybe JT was too busy with Jessica Biel which is why he was not making that much racket, it was a long hiatus for him. So, I never really knew that he already made a comeback.

The dance moves on the video are smooth and very RNB, reminiscent of Neyo and Micheal Jackson, the way it was choreographed was class and quality although not entirely original.

This video made by David Fincher (he also directed Madonna’s Vogue and many other good ones) does justice to th “Fincher Quality Music Videos” and is one of the best imitations or rendition of the Rat Pack lifestyle. The way JT sang reminds me of Robin Thicke and Michael Buble and proves the fact that JT is indeed versatile in his music. The sexual references are done elegantly, it’s something that you have to think about,, an Aha! moment when you figure it out.


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