Persian Affair (Persia Grill, BGC, Taguig City)


I needed a pick me upper, I’ll go crazy if I did not. My colleague was right a while ago before we ended the day, working all those overtimes could take a toll on you and you would feel lonely after a couple of days. Touche. It was a week filled of days working 12 – 15 hours at the office, I had to catch up on work as it is the summer vacation and all I have on my plate is the thesis and law review, no classes. I took advantage of the company’s high premium on overtimes – getting rich means working hard anyway.

During the said hell week at work, I always made time to catch up on my journal reading and review up at my usual Starbucks joint at Burgos Circle. I’m so glad it’s just a few blocks away from the office and it’s so quiet, has a decent crowd and very friendly baristas to serve me and make sure they have my favorite seat at the corner by the big windows ready when it’s my time to come in. Those juntas to Starbucks made me notice this hole in the wall restaurant – Persia Grill situated between a platter of more restaurants whose names you would forget after walking a few meters. There are so many of them in the area.

But this quaint little place had good lighting and exteriors that made it stick to my mind and the fact that Persian food remind me of one of my closest friends during my graduate classes whom I cooked Persian food with – Mr. Ferdows. I was planning to eat there for days…

So, tired from a 15 hour stretch I tried to take a nap after a long hot bath but can’t, I had three cups of coffee before ending work this day and the caffeine kicked in. I decided to get my arse out of bed and go to the place, I’ll relieve the stress with food since I can burn it all off tomorrow since I have a jog date with one of my friends in the morning.

I strap on my gold high heels and my new summer dress and head to the circle.

Lo and behold, Persia Grill.


So I entered the restaurant, and yes, it was swarmed with couples having dinner, I was the only single person in the place (or so I think). It would be the perfect place to bring a date or a boyfriend or a husband really, but since I didn’t have those, I today’s headlines to keep me company (and dad on the phone).

The waiters were kind although the service was a bit delayed, I expected that since they just opened. I was about to try their Salad Olivieh but I went with the Beef Kebab meals instead since I knew that it wouldn’t match the Olivieh Amir and I cooked in his flat.

It was delish! The cheese, the garlic, the sauces, grilled tomatoes. I was so full I had to back out before finishing the entire plate. At first glance you would think it’s just enough to fill you up but it is a very filling meal, VERY!

So just to make you a bit jelous, here’s a nice picture, exactly how it looked on my plate, that I found over Google of what I ate. It was from some blogger who ate there too. (Sorry I’m too tired and cranky to properly reference you Mr./Ms. Blogger or Photog, but I read it on your page, the article and pictures were good.)


The owner was cute too, hands-on and making sure his guests were satisfied with their service. Control freak mode I read a couple of blogs and reviews on Persia Grill and I found the owner / model’s photo in Trip or Treats blog, name is Kian, I found out the Persia Grill puts up stalls in Mercato Centrale too. I’ll check it out soon.

I’ll give the place 4 stars.

So far, only Yabu (House of Katsu) got my 5 stars but I’m sure Persia Grill would improve on things when they get the hang of things and the crowd here in Global City.

So I walk back to Point A and bought a pack of cigarettes and as I was smoking and walking in my gold bratty heels, I was thinking on an idea for a new section in my blog…

If I have Recipes for a Broken Heart, how about putting up Restaurants for a Healing Heart?


♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


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