By: Maan “Maggie” Villar, The World According to Maggie V


I dedicate to you a song – See You Next Lifetime – popularized and composed by one of the greatest hip-hop and R&B artists of all time, Erykah Badu, and feature you as promised in an article starring you – a real star. In the grand scheme of things as Nicholas Sparks would have written and described it, fate has a way of playing with two people, of making them meet and borrow a portion of eternity, making it a memory, a beautiful story.

I am no story teller, I have a knack for writing, putting ideas, thoughts and emotions on paper, making it worthy of public consumption, but between us two, you are the story teller. You have a way with people, of triggering their interest, innate charisma and charm and I sulk only in the background – I’m the one who would play with the orchestra, document life as it happens through a pen and a paintbrush, who would keenly dwell on the details and tinker around it and you are the center piece, the angelic gift of voice accompanied by the orchestra, one sought after by the masses, the one written about, the muse to an artist, an Adonis, larger than life. We meet, I hidden behind my glasses and thick books and you incandescent and an adornment, a light and a gentle breeze to whichever pocket of the city you grace with your presence – a demigod. You deserve this title more than any of the other men I have called demigod. And maybe, with my writing about you I could tell a little of “how we came to be”…

Just when I stopped believing in man’s nature to cohabitate with the opposite gender and grow to love as a natural instinct, you came along. I was in the darker of my days coming from the prison despair has trapped me in, breaking away from the habit. I never noticed you nor cared to do so, but you came to me and held my hands the first time, asking me what I want in a man. You are reverse of the typical male species I would be gravitated to. In fact, you are more than them which is why I would not even attempt. You are a prize, a trophy but I never saw you as such because you are you, the frailty of human and the perfection of god-like attributes you possess. The balance. And what do I want in a man? Intelligence, good heart, and something that is easy on the tangible aspects. I discover this in you as we traipsed along this time we have together.

Have you not noticed how much time we have been spending together? Seeing each other every day, going places together, eating together, forming a habit and a timetable of our day together, even dreaming together… but wonder I of those dreams and promises if they would ever see the light of day… given the consternations of our reality. We are a power couple if we ever became one, we look perfect together, everyone gives us a twice over even when we are shielded by the dark tints of your car. Our beauty together is magnanimous but it is so because it is forbidden. You are married, legally and incorrigibly, and my role is either the one who would cause chaos or fix the institution in which you are the constant.

What do we make of that which we founded together? Should it just be forgotten, be shoved into the deeper recesses of our memory and life story? Because we know that this brief brushes we have would soon end, only the current variables allow us to hedonistically pursue the sin, to have a bite of the luscious blood red apple from the forbidden tree of paradise. I fear the day when the variables change, and we have to part, make it just a portion of the broad time spectrum we have still to traverse.


But your eyes are piercing and endearing at the same time, my heart is at peace when I am with you, I can laugh again, feel the warmth of sunshine on my skin again and smile when I am reminded of the times we had together… the wild times, the happy ones, the good ones, even the ones when we were frustrating to each other…

The way I know that despite your power over people, your natural charisma, you prefer the lonesome and quiet at times and that you could be just that with me. I know that you too picture the beauty our life could be if only we could be together… but… a star “needs to shine”…

The soon disintegration of what we found, the sweet melancholy of us knowing that we would soon part, it is why I live for the moment while you are still there. With my natural apt of getting what I want, of living my dreams and having my desires at the palm of my hands… make me want you enough for me to have you, to overturn the given or else, I’ll see you next lifetime…


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