By Maan “Maggie” Villar
Saturday, March 2, 2013

As a student of music, I never really figured out even in the past what “Dimuendo” meant. What I mean is that, by definition I know what it means, it means to gradually diminish sound, soften it, take it a little bit slower, until it fades… Dimuendo… I guess I just never really translated it in my playing.

Music progresses prallel to the troubadour’s life and here I am immersing myself in the feeling, the romance, the sentimental mood, the reference to the love the dimuendo echoes as it is played – expressed… All because you came along…

My life as reflected in my music is fast-paced, upbeat, presto, headstrong, vivace, fireworksm a Rachmaninoff composition, Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons”, or Jupiter’s theme.

And you came along…

Somewhere along the way I stumble over you…

And spring turns into autumn…

Falling leaves carried away by a soft breeze…

Dancing with the clouds as a backdrop…

Everything becomes calm and all things now show its meaning…

A balance between presto and dimuendo…

Because dimuendo is love.

And you are my dimuendo…


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