Oftentimes would it be a song without words that would gather your emotions into a single raincloud. You get lost in the sound of saxophones and percussions reminiscent of those good old warm days in the past you spent alone just staring at the window with eyes and a demeanor absent to the here and now; imaginative of the ideal tomorrow. Characters you haven’t met yet playing according to how you want them to, making you sappy and hopeful simultaneously, calming you down because you control them, you are the writer of this little role play in the first place. Wondering how you would meet these characters, thinking of ways of how to make that little role play in your mind would not be just a mere musing on a gray, chilly afternoon. You recall such days in the past and here you are gathered up inside that rain cloud realizing that you are still in that wishful – hopeful – sentimental mood you usually come across with at least once everyday of the week.

Wishful thinking.

Maan Villar


3:36 PM



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