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By: Maan Villar


Make it a European cruise,

A bask in the Tuscan sunset,

Sipping champagne bubbles,

Diamond glinting from the vast ocean;


Or lie in the canals of Venice,

Serenaded by a gold-skinned gondolier,

Red velvet pillows and roses dipped in deep crimson blood,

Underneath the soft glow of the moon and distant stars;


Or on a quaint and cozy café in Paris,

Troubadours and artists surrounding that small pocket,

Overlooking the great Eiffel tower,

And the blue skies of spring.


Take me to a Grecian temple,

A cobblestone path,

An architectural masterpiece,

Nature and its wonders,

Beneath the stars,

Or right before the sun rises,

Take me anywhere,

Or take me home.


I want violins,

Make it a string quartet;

I want perfume,

Maybe Chanel No. 5;

Also a string of pearls,

Or a Harry Winston diamond ring;


By the dozen if you please;

Aromatic candles,

Gourmet chocolates,



Love letters –

In rhyme,

A sonnet

Sans gene



Romance, agape, passion, love,

Make it a picture of la dolce vita,

Make it bigger than what movies show,

Make me cry,

Make me not know how to thank you,

For I,

 The romantic,

Would only give my heart,

When these words are taken out of the paper…



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