RECIPES FOR THE BROKEN HEART – Salad Olivieh (A Persian Delicacy)


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RECIPES FOR A BROKEN HEART – Salad Olivieh (A Persian delicacy to die for)

Made with MBA classmates Amir Ferdows and JP Villanueva


Amir is a really good friend of mine I met at one of my MBA classes. I usually go to his very cozy condominium up at Mines View Park when I am bothered by something or just when I need a friendly conversation with him or maybe when I need to use his Internet connection. So, while chatting and letting the hours while away, we cook Salad Olivieh which he taught me the very first time I went to his unit and thank goodness he always has a stock of big potatoes. This is perfect for a lazy night with a friend. Cooking time is pretty long so it’s good to have some Selecta Heath Ice Cream on hand and a big bag of chips while waiting for the main dish.


RECIPE 2 – Salad Olivieh


COOKING TIME: 1 hour and 30 minutes





­( Prepare everything you need first before going through the whole process, I provided little blanks where you could place a tick when you have the ingredient or utensil. ♥)


_ French bread

_ A kilo or two of big potatoes

_ Eggs

_ Carrots

_ Chicken breasts

_ Tomatoes

_ S & P (as in Salt and Pepper)

_ Mayonnaise


_ Grater


  1. Boil the potatoes, eggs, carrots and chicken breast.
  2. Grate the potatoes, eggs, carrots and chicken breast and combine everything in a big mixing bowl and make sure to wash everything with tap water first before peeling and grating as the Persians do.
  3. Here’s where we get our hands dirty…

Doing it the Persian way, you need to mash the potatoes, eggs, carrots and chicken breast together with your hands and mash it for at least 30 minutes; more mashing time means a better salad.

  1. Season with salt and pepper and mash again.
  2. Put the salad in a deep dish and flatten out.
  3. Spread the mayonnaise over the salad, more mayonnaise means better.
  4. Slice the tomatoes and design the top as you please with them. ☺

PS: What do you need the French bread for? You can spread the Salad Olivieh over the bread like you would do with peanut butter over a sandwich.

PPS: This is the perfect dish when bonding with your friends as the long cooking time would leave you hungry and you would surely eat with gusto after the long conversation while waiting for everything to boil, or while mashing and placing the salad on the dish. When you are going through a major heartbreak, well, I guess it would leave you distracted as you do not want to over-boil anything and the mashing is a good outlet of anger.


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