RECIPES FOR A BROKEN HEART – Pretzel Chips with Sour Dip

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RECIPES FOR A BROKEN HEART – Pretzel Chips and Homemade Hearty Sour Dip


Trust me, I am no cook, but I have a weird knack of making up recipes in my mind and remembering recipes in a cooking show probably  after countless episodes of Barefoot Contessa, Everyday Italian, Two Greedy Italians, Pairings with Andrea and Good Eats that I have watched (Or maybe just my fetish for lifestyle and culture shows in general). Plus, I rummaged through some old features and editorials I wrote for some publications in the past and I figured – I AM GOOD IN WRITING. Another plus is that I am going through a major dilemma so I combined my hidden talent for cooking, my good writing plus my broken heart to make RECIPES FOR A BROKEN HEART.


When you read this, make sure you try my recipe at home or leave a comment if you found a good twist to it, I’m sure this would chase your blues away. 100%, this would chase those sour bitter feelings you might have toward him or her…


Here goes…



Made with my mom on a very stormy day August 2012 while reading some books


COOKING TIME: 10 minutes




­ (Prepare everything you need first before going through the whole process, I provided little blanks where you could place a tick when you have the ingredient or utensil. ♥ )


_ Pretzel Chips

The best brand to use would be Snack Factory’s Pretzel Chips but you could substitute with any pretzel or pretzel chips that you can find in your local grocery store

_ 1 cup mayonnaise

_ 1 tbsp mustard

_ Chopped red onion

_ Vinegar (Apple Cider is a better option if available)

_ Crushed garlic

_ 1 whole diced tomato

_ Salt

_ Pepper




  1. Mix the chopped garlic and vinegar and let it sit.
  2. Mix the mustard with the mayonnaise.
  3. Mix the chopped red onions with the tomatoes with a dash of S&P.
  4. Mix the vinegar with the garlic lastly and place everything together in a bowl, MIX MIX MIX! Until you think that the consistency would do well for you.


Eat with gusto, refrigerate left over dip, a healthier substitute for popcorn which would go straight down your thighs! 


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