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Could it be he, the man bound to change my life forever or just another one bound to walk on by as a stranger?


I see him and feel the depth of emotions as deep as that smooth sensation when you look into the horizon as the sea marries with the skies and you stand shore on the shore rethinking life with your beau in mind at the same time.


He could be proof that man is made a monogamous being as those studies I have come across with claim and not just plain gibberish to sell a point or sell magazines.


I hated the cliché “the missing piece to the puzzle” but he might be the one who could put back those pieces where they ought to be and fill in that small gray area in the corner.


For the first time I’m stretching my patience given my impatient, impulsive and aggressive nature.


I say nay to preempting anything, I would leave it all to wishful thinking.


I would be happy to live up to my drama of single blessedness and stay true to my say never to marriage and babies self decree.


Fact is that I’ll be saying a happy farewell to the broken dream, the prison, the fallen star and the unrequited love.




Maan Villar


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