Maan Villar


You are a distant star, my distant lover. I love you, respect you, want you beside me but we cannot do it now. Constrained by realities we have to deal with, constrained by every possible factor that stops us from finally being together but until that time, I would be waiting, watching, listening to you and thinking of you, dreaming of being with you. I would love to ask God why be subjected to this but I dare not question Him because I know that his work is better than any work of art or object of beauty, He would give a good ending to this story, or maybe a beautiful beginning like the sun rising in the early morning with the foggy air and under the majestic mountains over the ocean’s deep blue. And someday, somehow, we would relish that sight… together… cup of tea on hands… a beautiful sight.


See, just like the story that ended, a new one is unfolding like the flowers as they bloom in June. I would long for those barriers to finally be gone and finally share with you my favorite songs, watch movies with you, play video games with you, share late nights just conversing, share with you my deepest thoughts and feelings, have a good person to share life with. Be gone the negativity and here we witness the new light and hope that it not fade away like the other sparks that started in the past. It shall not because the new light is finally is a star.


Light years you are away from me, light years I have to wait, but just believe, it might work out our way… but if not, I would still wear a smile on my face because I know that deep in your heart and deep in mine, we know that we are each other’s and that would suffice… besides, there is truth in the wisdom that the universe conspires to bring us our heart’s truest desires


Let’s make ourselves whole, make our world’s brighter, better… up to then, we would see…


Hold that thought, suppress the feeling for now…


I would love you…


Don’t worry…



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