ceteris paribus


By Maan “Maggie” Villar


Most of the time, I would come up with ideas that theorize the world’s problems, find an explanation for them or provide a solution for them. Being schooled in business and economics, reading widely and having dealt with fellow intellectuals and having long and stimulating conversations with friends and thinkers have I acquired this well of ideas that I hope would someday come out into the open and not just grow moldy under the crevasses of my mind. I am not the most brilliant thinker in this world of rational beings or homo sapiens, just another concerned citizen observing, arguing, contemplating and being aware and informed of what is happening. Sometimes, I just sit at my desk, clear it of its books, papers, and implements just stare blankly thinking. It could be tiresome being a “rational person” gifted with the “faculties of rationality”. But what if I stopped, just succumb into hermitage, rid myself of these thoughts and concerns, just slack and live by the ideologies of “Juan Tamad”. It’s a luxurious state if you ask me, to just relax, kick my shoes off and sleep through everything. But, my mind is overactive, I cannot just be a liability and I am aware that we thinkers are a scarcity in this world, I cannot lessen our flock any further.


Who would then call for the changes?


Do the check and balance.


Make the changes and more importantly stand up.


Just think about it, what has happened to the morning dew dropping of the leaves of a plant we woke up to every morning in our childhood? Is this all an effect of the Industrial Revolution or late stage capitalism? It makes me cringe the thought of what would come next after capitalism, now that Adam Smith’s Wealth of the Nations is not holding as true to the times and the crown and scepter are about to be bequeathed to China. What is next for all of us? Should I resign my self to incredulity, corruption and bandwagon mentality that everyone else is enjoying and just be a pawn of the times.


Am I deluded by the promises of the theories of the sciences where “all other things remain equal”?




Maan Villar


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