My Everyday Dressy Scent – Lancome’s Tresor

My Everyday Dressy Scent - Lancome's Tresor

My mom initially did not want to dispense to me form our little stock of perfumes at home, this little magic in a bottle. She said that I would smell old when I wear it. But, it smells so good on my skin – I smell sexy, sophisticated and luxurious. It’s musky, with berry and floral tones that go so well with my style and again, my skin. It’s my next favorite scent to Elizabeth Arden’s Green Tea. So to my friends and lovers who are curious of how I actually smell like, well, I am known to always being prissy with how I smell, how I dress, and my hygiene, so now you know, this is my current perfume addiction. I owe it a lot to mom and grand mom my addiction to signature perfumes and the knack of keeping the bottles in my dresser because I like how the bevels and recesses catch the light.


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