Lancome Juicy Tubes – Pick Me Upper

Lancome Juicy Tubes - Pick Me Upper

This is one of the face goo that I swore by since I was in high school. It never failed to make me look and feel beautiful even with barely there make-up and no make up up whenever I have to go to the gym or have sports training. It has really great colors which are easy to match with the colors of my outfits. I usually by their nude and pink hues. The nude hues I use for my earth tone and pale colored outfits while the berry colored or pink hues I use for black and bolder colors. Also, my lips are sensitive to lip products but the formulation of Lancome is made of minerals that are light and good for the skin that the product sticks on my lips for a long time and moisturizes my lips making it look sexy and luscious. Just how I like it. I also observed that my former boyfriends liked the taste of my Juicy Tubes everytime they kiss me, it also smells so good. Smelling extra good makes me feel extra pretty and confident. Lancome is one of my favorite brands for make-up and perfume, it’s made in Paris and it has Michelle Phan as its brand ambassador.


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