2013 GOALS (Long overdue!)

I remember mom taking this picture at one of the Hong Kong ports, and yes, I was in a dreamy mood... Probably because the scent of the green tea eggs (FAVE!) I was eating. LOL.

I remember mom taking this picture at one of the Hong Kong ports, and yes, I was in a dreamy mood… Probably because the scent of the green tea eggs (FAVE!) I was eating. LOL.

2013 GOALS (Long overdue!)
By Maan “Maggie” Villar
Saturday, February 23, 2013

My life is a combination of affluence and needed persistence, I had a fair share of both, the best of both those worlds. I had in the past “first world problems” and “real world problems”, both of them the same thing really. Many would say that they would prefer to have first world problems but if that is your status quo, you would want to experience what having real world problems is like. Having had a glimpse of both worlds, I learned to dream, to plan for the future, to want something good in my life… and in the life of others – to be given the power and opportunity to touch the lives of others and the merits to do so.

I have clear plans, many would be astounded at the small achievements I have had in order to lead myself closer to these goals. Some would say that I am stretching myself too thin but I never listened to them as I am ardently in love with that idea of myself doing all that I want to do and enjoying the pursuit of them. My hardwork is constantly applauded by those who see and appreciate it and some would say that I need to choose only one path. But I want it all. I would give due credit to my mom for always supporting me in these interests, pursuits, eccentricities and dreams that she too is the initiator. She never failed to believe me. And yes, it is my gift to her when I achieve these goals.

It is a challenging feat but I believe in the greatness of my mind, the untapped potentials and the passion that flows in my veins.

Living alone here in the big city could be a big pressure, the pressure of balancing my time between work, writing my thesis, applying in big league schools for law school, a possible change in career (I hope I get in a legally-related kind of work), expenses, frustration over some things, and wanting to continue my education in music and the arts along with all of these big steps. My mom would always say that I need to get a taste of how it is starting up, I know that the minute slumps in my reality are only temporary. But you know, visiting the well-furnished condominiums of my friends, seeing them drive posh cars and travel could trigger the envious child in myself. Who wouldn’t want to have that? Now.

But I always believed in DELAYED GRATIFICATION. It might not be the time for me to bask in these luxuries but there would come a time that I would surpass the worldly endowments that I see my friends and acquaintances possess and I would be the one that would make them green with envy. The same acquaintances and friends are those who believe in my future greatness, even as I was growing up, these are the people who would tell me I am “Most Likely to be Successful”. I always believed that I could influence the outcome of events by willpower and strong belief, and that there is truth to the cliched “Nothing is impossible (and impossible is nothing)”

So here’s a list of what you will be expecting of me in the coming months and what should be achieved by year end…

1. Graduate from MBA and MSPM – earn and put to good use my master’s degree – as I am writing this, I am still working on my MSBA thesis on corporate social responsibility, working title is “CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY (CSR) IN THE CONSUMERIST PHILIPPINE LANDSCAPE: SHOULD CSR BE ADAPTED IN THE PHILIPPINE LEGAL SYSTEM?” and I am really having a hard time, it eats up all my time because there is so much to read and it is hard to enter the academic debate with quality graduate writing. I can’t even muster the guts to even text my thesis adviser (one of my great mentors, the travelling professor Dr. Richel Lamadrid) because I was not able to fulfill my promise of finishing the paper in one semester.

2. Finish law school review and get into an “Ivy League” law school – top priority would be Ateneo Law School and University of the Philippines Law School (similar to one of my inspirations, the “courtroom crushie” Atty. Karen Jimeno) within the year

3. Career change – get a job related to law like a legal assistant stint or if I get into ADB or the government that would be perfect!

4. Be one of the topnotchers for the Civil Service Examinations this year (Get 90++%)

5. Move to a better house (Rockwell or BGC perhaps) and get a fuel efficient car (Honda Jazz maybe?)

6. Be under the tutelage of a great Filipino artist and finish reading my art history courses and books, also create more masterpieces and put them into public showcase

7. Get advanced music classes for piano, violin and guitar. Also, I need to update my instruments. I need to buy a new violin, Bachendorff would be good for a violin and a good piano for my new unit or apartment is a must. I also need a new guitar since I smashed the old one back at home (LOL). I need to transport all my music books and pieces to Manila as well since my life and music is now based here.

8. Become more active in extra-curricular and meaningful organizations. Hopefully, when I get to law school I could revive the rusty debater (I temporarily stopped debating after graduating from my undergraduate course) and get into organizations (like the school orchestra, drama club, and the student council) which would help me get a scholarship. A reputable sorority for law school would be good as well. Recently, I joined civic and special interest organizations like Women’s Interactive Network (WIN), Badminton Club, Running Club, Band Club and I’m about to renew my activist activities with Amnesty International next week. If my schedule would allow me, my interest to join Illustrador Ng Kabataan (INK) and Toastmasters International should be fulfilled. I find it good and fulfilling to join and support the causes that I believe in and yes, contribute something to the world, share my talent in the process as well.

9. Join pole dancing classes and gym classes. Dance again. Belly dance, pole dance, hawaiian. Name it. The cost for these lessons are bearable given my resources so why not find a spot for it in my schedule. Not only do I renew and learn skills but I also get sexier in the process. I would be fitter and sexier by the time I find a boyfriend! Ha, ha! And along with that would be jogging regularly and living a healthier lifestyle. Endorphins = happiness!

10. Make The World According to Maggie V a hit! – Put my writing to good use and in public




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