It has been ages that my friends and readers requested that I start a blog. Just like many others who are lured by social media and the demand of the modern ages to start a blog, read a blog, follow a blog or just be curious and aware that the blog-world does exist and is gaining massive popularity and influence over us homo-sapiens; I too initially was enticed by the popularity, financial gains and many other benefits that writing and blogging could amass. However, as I was reading text and guides to support my MBA thesis, I was moved when “How to Write a Thesis” writer Rowenna Murray said that “Learning comes through writing”. And with my unquenchable thirst to learn and perfect my craft, I start this blog to learn more and record my thoughts, also publish what has been written.

The World According to Maggie V would be a conduit for me to practice my poetic license and creativity. It would serve as my diary, and if this website would stand the test of the rapidly changing market and demands of its industry, maybe in the future I would see how I had developed as a writer, a blogger, a person, and how I was educated by life x number of years from today. It is also a virtual storage space for the media and text that I would originate and that I would find over the Web. The trail of my moods and thoughts, the footprints of my journey, endings and new beginnings, everything that is about myself would be here. It would be imprinted in the Web, which is public domain, hence, I publicize my thoughts, opinions, rants and what nots so that the public would somehow glean knowledge and insight from my publications. (Darn, I sound so political and dramatic!) It is free form and wide range, from the shallow and most mundane to the most in-depth and unbendable discussions and topics.

So here it goes, as soon as I hit the publish the “Publish Button”, my blogger role would now be with me and maybe every step I take would be an inspiration for a new blog post, every interesting detail no matter how large or small would serve as inspiration.

May this be a good start!


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